05/03/2012 10:41 am ET

Grover Norquist Juggles Beanbags (VIDEO)

Grover Norquist, founder of Americans for Tax Reform and an avid anti-tax crusader, lets loose in a new video that shows him juggling beanbags.

Norquist demonstrated his juggling skills after an interview with Howard Kurtz of The Daily Beast regarding a recent Stephen King op-ed titled "Tax Me, for F@%&'s Sake!"

According to Lauren Ashburn of Daily Download -- who shot the juggling video on her iPad -- Norquist has juggled since college and keeps beanbags in his office. Norquist isn't just limited to bean bags -- he claims he can also juggle balls and bowling pins.

This isn't the first time Norquist has demonstrated this quirky skill. He gave a juggling lesson to Cloture Club’s Andrew Heaton after an interview in March.

Norquist, along with former GOP hopeful Michele Bachmann, recently endorsed Richard Mourdock, who is challenging Republican Senator Dick Lugar in Indiana. Norquist's endorsement came after Lugar refused to sign a "No New Taxes" pledge.

Watch a video of Norquist juggling above.