05/03/2012 03:00 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Infrared Pictures Of Outdoor Scenes by Hannes Runelof Will Amaze You (PHOTOS)

It doesn't take much to take a stunning picture these days -- especially thanks to the popularity of photo filter apps like Instagram -- but these incredible outdoor images by amateur photographer Hannes Runelöf definitely put our measly smartphone snapshots to shame.

Based in Stockholm where he's currently going to school for computer science, Runelöf says he picked up photography as a hobby six years ago when he bought his first camera. Since then, he's mastered the technique known as infrared shooting, using his digital Nikon D70 and a special infrared filter to cast an overexposed effect over his photos.

As a result, images look ethereal and dreamlike, tinted with strange, inverted colors. "It makes normal environments we're used to look different," he says. "I think it looks a bit like winter but still feels like spring or summer. Like another planet."

Armed with his DSLR, Runelöf shoots mostly around his native Stockholm, where he likes to turn his lens on anything from city landmarks to tree-lined promenades. The infrared technique lends itself particularly well to nature photography, which Runelöf says is his favorite.

We can see why. Regular tree leaves look light and feathery, almost like delicate flower blossoms. At first glance, we thought they were cherry blossoms!

Take a look at some of our favorite photos in our slideshow below, and be sure to check out more of Runelöf's work on his Flickr page. And, tell us! What do you think of Runelöf's interesting photography?

All photos by Hannes Runelöf

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Beautiful Infrared Photos
Beautiful Infrared Photos