05/03/2012 10:02 am ET Updated May 03, 2012

Jon Stewart Criticizes Bryan Fischer, GOP For Richard Grenell Resignation (VIDEO)

Now that he's presumably locked in place as the GOP candidate, Mitt Romney has had to pivot his campaign to the center in order to appeal to the greatest amount of voters. Part of this new strategy was hiring Richard Grenell, an openly-gay man, as his national security spokesman.

But just two weeks after being hired, Grenell resigned due to alleged pressure from socially conservative groups, and Bryan Fischer, a radio host for the American Family Association, is taking credit for it.

On Wednesday night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart sarcastically noted that Grenell, who is also a former George W. Bush administration official, certainly diversified the Romney camp.

"That's quite a pivot, hiring a guy who believes everything you believe and likes everything you like except boobs," Stewart joked.

So what was this "pressure"? Stewart assessed Fischer's commentary, and essentially found a lot of homophobic ranting about promiscuity and bath houses, purporting that your average queer person has had up to 1,000 sexual partners.

"In case you're wondering why he looks so blurry, it's because his opinions are being broadcast from 50 years ago," Stewart joked. "It sounds like your problem with Grenell isn't that he's gay, it's that he'll be too busy."

Watch the full clip above.