05/03/2012 02:26 am ET Updated May 03, 2012

Marc Gasol Butt Tap: Grizzlies Fan Touches Center's Behind During Game 2 Against Clippers (VIDEO)

Okay, we have absolutely no idea what this Grizzlies fan could be trying to do in the video above.

What we do know is that Memphis center Marc Gasol dove for a ball bouncing out of bounds late in the first quarter of Game 2. He was able to make the save and appeared to knock the ball to Zach Randolph on the baseline as he slid into fans sitting courtside.

As TNT showed the instant replay en route to a commercial break, a Grizzlies fan could be seen reaching out and... well, he does something to Gasol's backside.

Is he trying to give the commonly-used-in-sports slap on the butt? Is he trying to help him up? Does he actually make contact? What's with the two fingers?