05/03/2012 09:15 am ET Updated May 03, 2012

Nina Garcia Is Celebrating Her Birthday With 'An Extra Helping Of Dessert' (EXCLUSIVE)

"Project Runway" judge Nina Garcia turns 46 today and the Colombian TV personality and Marie Claire Fashion Director, revealed her birthday plans exclusively to The Huffington Post.

“Right now I am in L.A., co-hosting an event for Havaiana's and Baby Buggy,” Garcia wrote to The Huffington Post in an email yesterday. “As for birthday plans, I'll be on a plane flying home, but I'm celebrating with family and close friends on Friday. I am a big foodie so a good meal is definitely in the plans—with an extra helping of dessert!”

The TV judge also tells us it feels great to be turning another year older. “Luckily I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to think about it, but now that you mention it I feel incredibly fortunate,” she wrote in the email. “People always ask me if I could live in any other era what would it be, and I tell them none! I feel so lucky to live in an age where technology has changed and continues to change and make life so much more exciting. It keeps everyone young and constantly learning new things.”

Garcia, who is known for her brutal critiques of designers’ work on the hit Lifetime series "Project Runway," also revealed to us how her own personal style has evolved as she's gotten older. “Like most people, I’ve grown a lot more sophisticated in my style choices,” she writes. “I know myself and what suits me better now than I did when I was much younger and feel more comfortable in my own skin."

Garcia, who has two boys, says being a mom has also influenced her style evolution. "I’ve had to adapt my wardrobe to my various roles, both at the office, as a mom, and for television. When I shop for the season I look for pieces that will suit every facet of my daily life, not just one single occasion,” she wrote.

Happy Birthday, Nina!


Nina Garcia