Sam Kass Talks Cooking For The First Family (VIDEO)

It seems like every food lover has a little bit of a crush on Sam Kass, the assistant chef and senior policy advisor for healthy food initiatives for the White House, and its easy to see why based on the clip above. He must really love his job -- how else can you explain such a big smile?

"Cooking for the First Family is the greatest honor and privilege any chef could have," says Kass. "They eat simple, healthy meals. Nothing fancy."

This dream job doesn't come without hurdles though. "Probably the biggest misconception is that we have a huge kitchen," he says. In reality, the kitchen is in an old and historic building (maybe you've heard of it? it's called the White House!) so it doesn't go on and on forever.

Still, if that's the only thing he can complain about, he knows he's got it pretty good.