Galaxy S III's Very First Commercial (VIDEO)

World, feast your eyes upon the new Galaxy S III, a device that Samsung says draws its inspiration from nature and is intended to give the iPhone 4S a run for its money.

Along with the phone's release at a London event on May 3, Samsung dropped the first commercial for the powerful new device.

Posted on the SamsungTomorrow YouTube channel, the video is a minute long and focuses mostly on the people who will presumably be using the phone -- a couple saying goodbye at the airport, a wedding party, a father and child. The device itself is featured for only a few seconds in the beginning of the ad and for several more at the end. In between is a series of dramatic scenes (complete with dramatic music) mostly showing interactions between one human and another rather than between a person and the Galaxy S III itself.

As the video wraps, it becomes clear why Samsung chose to limit the Galaxy S III's appearance in the commercial and instead explain its abilities with short descriptions like "It understands you," and "Waits till you're asleep" nestled between phone-less scenes. The ad ends thus: "The Samsung Galaxy S III. Designed for humans."

During the ad, we do get a glimpse at one of the device's most exciting new features: Smart Stay, which keeps the device awake as long as you're looking at it. By tracking your eye movement, the Galaxy S III goes to sleep when you've closed your eyes or when you've moved your face away from the screen, rather than shutting off the display when you're not touching it.

Check out the commercial (above) and read more about its coolest new features below. What do you think of this ad for Samsung's new Galaxy S III? Do you plan on buying one? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!



The Samsung Galaxy S III