05/04/2012 10:02 am ET

The 20 Best Internships In America: Glassdoor

Interns are willing to do a lot for little (or sometimes no) money and a chance to add a bit of prestigious experience to their resume. But at some companies, that boost doesn't necessarily mean grabbing coffee for your boss every morning.

At Google, the highest-rated company for interns, according to, interns get the opportunity to sit in on meetings, have contact with higher-ups and even get free meals, former interns say. At Microsoft and Qualcomm, two other top-rated companies for internships, interns are paid well and get valuable feedback from their supervisors.

Maybe it's no surprise that Google is the best place to intern. After all, it was also voted number one in employee satisfaction.

Landing a good internship can be incredibly important to a job-seeker's career trajectory, especially with work so hard to come by these days. During the height of the economic downturn, many of the nation's jobless sought internships instead of full-time work as a way to get their foot in the door at companies that weren't quite ready to hire people full time, CNNMoney reported at the time.

Some students and recent grads are so hungry for an internship that they're even willing to work for no money, though that practice is coming under scrutiny. Diana Wang, a recent graduate of Ohio State University, filed a class-action lawsuit in February, alleging that her unpaid internship was actually a job for which she deserved compensation.

Internship-seekers who land gigs with companies on Glassdoor's list won’t have to worry about compensation though. The internships are often paid, some of them handsomely so.



Check out the best internships in America below: