05/04/2012 02:41 pm ET

Cinco De Mayo 2012: 13 Sombrebros With Cool 'Tudes (PICTURES)

Cinco de Mayo -- a holiday that celebrates the Mexican victory over France in the 1862 Battle of Puebla -- is actually pretty unpopular in Mexico, but in America it's become a great excuse for people to drink tequila, pop Coronas and chill on their porches with their friends. Apply tacos as needed.

So in honor of how lovingly misinterpreted the day has become, we've decided to honor the people who seem to enjoy the holiday most of all: bros in sombreros.

We've dubbed them "Sombrebros," and here are 13 of our favorites to make sure you start your weekend out on the right foot. Keep your eyes peeled, though. We're sure you'll see some of your own.