05/04/2012 06:17 pm ET

'Game Of Thrones' Intro Recreated In 'A Clash Of LEGO' (VIDEO)

Sure, they got a little help from K'NEX, but that doesn't make this LEGO-centric rendition of the "Game of Thrones" opening any less impressive.

YouTube users MatthewP and Monica Garcia, part of the Pure Imagine production team, used stop-motion animation to recreate the mechanical-looking map of Westeros, home to the Seven Kindgoms, out of what must be thousands of LEGOs.

Possibly because of copyright concerns, the intro is set to Super Mario-like music -- which may make it that much better.

Fans can decide whether "A Clash of Thrones" triumphs several other homages.

Last month, geeky fans created a parody trailer for the series using PlayMobile toys.

But so far it seems like The Simpsons' version of the intro, in which the iconic sites of Springfield pop up Westeros-style, is the tribute to beat.

Check out the LEGO intro above and the show's actual intro, below: