05/04/2012 12:00 pm ET

Ana Juarez, Girl Scout Troop Leader, Allegedly Stole $6,000 In Cookie Money

Apparently she didn't get the "integrity" memo in the Girl Scouts handbook.

A South El Monte, Calif., Girl Scout troop leader was caught with her hand in the cookie jar last month when authorities discovered she allegedly stole $6,000 from her own girls, CBS reported.

Cops announced this week that Ana Juarez, 30, was arrested on April 17 for allegedly using the troop's debit card to treat herself to a shopping spree.

"It was just shocking to see that we became her own personal piggy bank: gas, nails, Nordstroms, Victoria's Secret," troop co-leader Verna de los Reyes told the station.

About $2,000 was missing from the troop's debit account, along with $4,000 in cash that was raised during the Girl Scout cookie sale, de los Reyes said.

But the cash reportedly didn't even make it to Juarez's own bank account before she spent it, the Pasadena Star-News reported. A troop mom told CBS that the girls had sold more than 500 boxes of cookies for a Girl Scout competition and the chance at a limousine ride, but now there's not enough money for the venture.

The alleged cookie cash thief had a 6-year-old daughter in the troop before she was arrested. She was charged with felony grand theft.