05/04/2012 11:34 am ET Updated May 07, 2012

Juan Williams Says He Misses Working For NPR 'Big Time'

Fox News analyst Juan Williams revealed that he misses working for NPR "big time" on Thursday night.

"Because that’s such an informed and influential audience," he told Capital New York at an event. "And the thing is that audience really liked me and I would often times would help raise money for NPR."

Williams was fired from the public radio network in 2010 after making controversial remarks about Muslims on Fox News. He had said that he gets "nervous" when he sees people in Muslim garb on airplanes.

Williams has excoriated NPR on numerous times since his firing — even using the incident as the basis for a book about the national "assault" on free speech. In an interview with The Huffington Post last spring, he called the network "all-white organization" that exhibited the "worst of white condescension."



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