05/04/2012 05:23 pm ET

May The Fourth Be With You 'Outliers'

John Sides asks if Obama is more popular than he should be.

The Washington Post reports Romney "faces a narrow path" to an Elecotral College victory; Steve Kornacki has doubts.

Nate Silver ranks the swing states.

Mark Mellman explores the inexplicable meandering of national polls.

Daniel Gayo-Avello pours cold water on election predictions derived from Twitter; via Monkey Cage.

Buzzfeed shares an AJC polls showing Obama strong among American Jews.

Peyton Craighill shares interactive cross-tabs from the Washington Post Virginia poll.

Fred Yang and Christine Matthews review the Howey Politics poll on the Indiana Senate primary.

MG Siegler questions surveys measuring smart phone market share.

Gregory Koger explains why we should not build a Death Star.