05/04/2012 01:12 pm ET

Travel Like James Bond This Summer (VIDEO)

James Bond may be her majesty's most frequent flier. Over the last six decades, the debonair agent has explored every corner of the globe, leaving behind him a slew of bikinied and bullet-ridden bodies. Following in his footstep might not be possible -- he has a jetpack and you don't -- but travelers can get a little inspiration from 007 as they look forward to summer vacation.

From Phuket to Prague, the Caribbean to Himeji Castle, Bond has provided ideas for aspiring bon vivants and wanderers, bringing exotic locales to the silver screen and, in due course, blowing them up. He's a sort of pyrotechnic Richard Attenborough, Michael Palin afflicted by addictions to sex, adrenaline and bon mots.

It should be noted that Bond doesn't just travel, he travels in style. A stay at Goldeneye may be affordable to the elite, but it doesn't qualify as a true Bond experience until it involves several woman, all beautiful, a perfect martini, a bluff and a series of easily foiled attempts on one's life.

If only MoneyPenny were a concierge.