05/05/2012 11:38 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Chris Crocker Profiled In 'V' Magazine, Prepares For Debut Of 'Me At The Zoo' On HBO

Over the last five years Chris Crocker has racked up over 270 million views on YouTube, many of which came from his 2007 "Leave Britney [Spears] Alone!" clip.

The Internet star has kept people talking -- and guessing -- with his unconventional approaches to everything from music to sex, but recently the thing that has gotten him the most attention is his new look.

Crocker, who in January told HuffPost Gay Voices that he lived as a woman for three years, is featured in the latest issue of V magazine and many who are only familiar with his once feminine appearance might be shocked by his transformation, captured for the fashion publication by photographer Danielle Levitt.

In the issue, billed as the "Americana issue" and featuring pop star Ke$ha on the cover, Crocker discusses his upcoming documentary "Me @ The Zoo," which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and will debut on HBO on June 25.

According to V, the documentary, by filmmakers Chris Moukarbel and Valerie Veatch, "charts Crocker’s rise to fame, subsequent collapse, and current under-the-radar period." It also connects his relationship with his mom to his infamous Britney YouTube clip, something he spoke to Gay Voices about:

My mom was homeless the same year that the whole Britney episode happened. And my whole family turned on my mom. And from my perspective I was thinking about how Britney has kids and everyone was talking about how fat she was and were saying she's obviously on drugs. My whole family had turned on my mom because my mom was on drugs so I just kept thinking Why am I the only person that's saying [Britney] could kill herself and everyone else is talking about her weight instead of her well being?

Aside from debut of "Me @ The Zoo," this year will see Crocker recording more music, which V notes earns him a steady income, and perhaps the release of a porn film, which is eagerly awaited by the many fans of Crocker's new look.

However, Crocker insists that while he currently may be presenting as masculine, he hasn't divorced himself from his feminine side.

"I know I'll always have that side of myself. I'll always play with makeup and other things even if I become a body builder," he told Gay Voices. "So even if I have a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger, I will still always do my makeup."

View an interview with Crocker from Vmagazine above, read V's profile of Crocker here and check out more photos and videos of him in the slideshow below.

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