05/05/2012 02:03 pm ET Updated May 07, 2012

Kanye West Twitter Rant Blasts Khaki Cargo Shorts, 'Big Ass Striped Scarves' (SLIDESHOW)

On a slow day of tweets, there is no gift in this world like Kanye West's Twitter feed.

When we last heard from @KanyeWest, he was promoting his new song, the track formerly known as "Theraflu."

But to our sort-of delight, Kanye returned to Twitter on Saturday, going on an apparently in-real-time rant about the fashion he saw while driving through five blocks of "the city." (We're assuming he means New York, where he's been hanging out with Kim Kardashian lately.)

Among the looks Kanye scorned: "big ass striped scarves," "hoodies with sport coats," "off-brand workout sneakers" and pretty much khaki everything.

This isn't Yeezy's first fashion-related Twitter gripe session; back in January, the rapper took to the social media platform to promote his new design company DONDA, tweeting up a storm about working at the Giuseppe Zanotti factory, working at Fendi under cover and supposedly turning down a gig at Versace.

Check out Kanye's fashion rants below to see what else got the official style thumbs-down from the A-list rapper.