05/05/2012 03:26 pm ET

Woody Roseland, Cancer Survivor, Plays Baseball With Jeremy Guthrie After Twitter Exchange

The 10th of April was a day to remember for Woody Roseland -- a 21-year-old cancer survivor and amputee who got to spend a day celebrating life, baseball and a newfound friendship with Colorado Rockies pitcher Jeremy Guthrie, CBS reports.

According to ESPN, Roseland, who lost his left leg to cancer, had just returned home from a life-changing doctor's appointment when something on Twitter caught his eye.

It was a tweet from nine-year baseball veteran Jeremy Guthrie, asking his 35,000-plus followers if anybody was available to toss a baseball around with him on an off-day: reports that Roseland -- who was first diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer when he was 16 -- had just been told that morning that after many years of struggling with the disease, he was finally cancer-free.

Already having one of the best days of his life, Roseland decided to take Guthrie up on his offer.

“I live downtown. I have my glove. So I said [to myself] ‘Let’s do this,’” Roseland told CBS News.

A brief exchange over Twitter and an excited cab ride later, Roseland met Guthrie at Coors Field in Denver, Colo.

"With a small gesture, you can really touch someone's life or make someone's day. It's really no problem for us, so that was kind of the thought that entered my head as I was walking into the field that day," Guthrie told CBS.

Initially surprised by Roseland's prosthetic leg, Guthrie said that he was touched "to learn from someone that's been through so many struggles...[who] continues to fight on and sees life in a really positive way".

"You just got to try and make the best out of what's going on with your situation," Roseland, who according to his website is a motivational speaker and stand-up comedian, told CBS.

Roseland said on his blog that he and Guthrie tossed a baseball around for about half an hour, before doing about 20 minutes of batting practice. Roseland told that it is was "pretty magical".

Guthrie said that he's found a new friend in Roseland, tweeting this to his fans after meeting the brave young man:

According to ESPN, Roseland has since attended a Rockies game with Guthrie's wife and Tim Tebow's foundation flew him to Florida for a charity golf tournament.