05/06/2012 12:22 pm ET

'Spray Tan Defense' Invoked In Murder Trial (VIDEO)

We tend to dismiss spray tanning as a generally bad idea (too much streaky orange, too much dripping). But in a recent murder trial, a spray tan may just save an accused killer.

ABC reports that the "spray tan defense" is being invoked in the case of Eleanora Kaufman, who was found dead in her home in 2007. Her husband, Adam Kaufman, was accused of strangling her to death, with the cops declaring the case a homicide in 2009.

But now, as Kaufman is finally brought to trial, the defense lawyers argue that chemicals in the spray tan Eleanora got the day before her may have caused her death.

What's more, the presence of orange streaks on the Kaufmans' bathroom walls that day provide another "spray tan defense": the streaky residue was only found in a single spot on the wall, not all over. "That would indicate," says one legal expert, that "there was no struggle" between Adam and Eleanora before she died.

Who knew a spray tan could have such important consequences? See more in the ABC News video above.



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