05/07/2012 11:09 am ET Updated May 07, 2012

Benedict Cumberbatch Takes 'Star Trek' Quiz And Fails (VIDEO)

Benedict Cumberbatch's role in "Star Trek 2" may be highly secretive, but it looks like the British actor will need to brush up on his "Star Trek" knowledge if he wants to impress the Trekkies.

The "Sherlock" star was cast as the villain in "Star Trek 2" in January. Although his specific role has not yet been officially revealed, TrekMovie reports that Cumberbatch is playing the ultimate villain Khan Noonien Singh, Kirk's mortal enemy. In a recent interview with MTV News, the actor wasn't about to give away any details, so MTV challenged him to a basic "Star Trek" quiz, where Cumberbatch seemingly revealed that he knows basically nothing about the the pop culture phenomenon.

Either he has some serious homework to do, or he's mastering the art of sarcasm.

When asked what a Klingon was, Cumberbatch claimed that he had no idea. "What do they look like?" he asked MTV. Cumberbatch also played clueless when it came to the SS Botany Bay, which is "Trek" villain Khan's infamous ship. The actor said that he prefers to approach his roles with as little insider information as possible.

"I think it's best to, like a lot of acting you do, you have to start from a knowledge base of zero in order to have every experience that you're portraying again and again and again feel like fresh," he said. "So I purposefully made no attempt to learn anything about anything."

However, in an earlier interview with MTV on the Golden Globes red carpet, Cumberbatch said that he was prepping hard to "get up to speed with true Trekkies," so perhaps the actor knows more about the "Star Trek" universe than he's willing to admit.

At least he's seeing results when it comes to his physique. Cumberbatch revealed that he had to bulk up for the unconfirmed role. He's gone up by "two suit sizes" as a result.

Watch Cumberbatch take the "Star Trek" quiz above. Take a look at our summer movie 2012 preview below.