05/07/2012 08:09 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Summer Hats: Find The Best Topper For Your Face Shape Whether It's Angular, Round, Heart Shaped Or Rectangular (PHOTOS)

You've probably stashed away your beanies and other cold-weather toppers, and now it's time to break out the hats more appropriate for sun and fun. Accessorizing with head wear is a great way to add some flair (and shade) to your top half, and knowing which fit is right for your face shape will keep you looking sharp.

If you've got a thin jaw line or angular cheek bones like Sarah Jessica Parker, a fedora hat will balance out the edges of your face for a look that's both striking and flattering all at once. For a more rounded or heart shaped face, try a bowler worn atop the head like Rachel Bilson or, a la Beyoncé, a wide-brim panama hat with super chic shades. While the bowler hat matches well with circular eyes and cheeks, the fedora slims the face down, providing coverage of the wider forehead and accentuating the more geometric lower half. And for those who've got a square or rectangular look? A floppy hat, as seen often on Vanessa Hudgens, will do the trick--giving a smoother, more fluid shape to a boxy face.

No matter which category your beautiful mug falls into, we've got a few options to fit every face and style. Click through the gallery below to see our picks for the best spring and summer hats to top off your look.

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Best Hats For Your Face Shape