05/07/2012 12:27 pm ET Updated May 09, 2012

Jaxson's Ice Cream Truck Stolen In Dania Beach; Lifetime Birthday Ice Cream Reward Offered (VIDEO)

Two days later, Ms. Jaxson is still missing.

The cheekily-named ice cream truck belonging to iconic Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlor & Restaurant in Dania Beach was stolen in the wee hours of Saturday morning, and the shop -- open since 1956 -- is offering a lifetime supply of ice cream as a reward for her safe return.

According to general manager Jerry Smith, someone cut the lock on the fence of the store’s parking area, broke into and hotwired the 16' box truck, and drove off. When Smith went to open the store later that morning, he discovered that the truck, nicknamed Ms. Jaxson, was missing.

“We thought at first that, you know, maybe someone was using it, but of course we quickly realized that we would be the only ones using it,” Smith told HuffPost Miami. “It’s unsettling, like anyone that’s had anything stolen knows.”

Worth about $50,000, Ms. Jaxson's absence also affects business. The truck is used not only in parades, charity events and as a billboard for the company, but also as a means to pick up supplies. During summer thunderstorms, she comes in handy if the power goes out. And with special requirements for storing ice cream, it will take a while to find a replacement vehicle, Smith said.

“To know that we always had an emergency back up to save the cream was that feeling of security, which has has been snatched away,” Smith said.

Eager to have Ms. Jaxson come home, the store has set up a reward for anyone who helps find the truck: free ice cream for two on one's birthday for a lifetime. For fans of the ice cream store, that’s motivation to go out and find it.

“It’s a rolling billboard, so obviously it would have to be driven straight into a warehouse somewhere. No joyriding fool is going to last very long,” Smith told HuffPost Miami.

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