05/07/2012 03:41 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Elettra Wiedemann & The Met Gala 2012 Livestream: The Model-Host Talks Nerves, Joan Rivers & The Question That Annoys Her

Elettra Wiedemann is no stranger to posing in front of the camera or on the red carpet. However, at tonight's Met Gala, she'll be on the front lines instead (for the first time), as she takes her place next to Vogue's Billy Norwich as co-host of the evening's most exciting portion: the red carpet arrivals (shown via livestream). The stunning model was personally asked by Anna Wintour to take on the job of speaking to the high-wattage celebrities, socialites, designers and editors who will parade through the Costume Institue's latest exhibit "Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations," all in the highest of style's during an evening now officially referred to as, the "Oscars of fashion."

Here's what Wiedemann had to say about hosting her first red carpet rodeo:

Stylelist: Are you nervous about being on a livestream?

EW: I'm trying to prepare as much as possible but I am quite nervous. I hope my nerves don't get the best of me on the carpet because when I get nervous I either make really lame jokes or I just totally clam up and go silent. I'm also nervous because these livestream broadcasts can freeze a lot so I'm worried that I'll be pulling some stupid face and it'll stay like that on screen for a while but whatever, another vanity worry of mine as a typical fashion girl.

Stylelist: What sort of questions will you be asking? Anything you wouldn't have the nerve to ask anyone?

EW: I'm not going to ask any personal questions. We're really just focusing on what people are wearing, what they think of the exhibit, why they're there, because it's just such a high fashion event, that that's our main focus. We're not going to host in the style of Joan Rivers and "The Fashion Police" or anything, as much as I do love her!

Stylelist: What was your worst red carpet interview experience?

EW: The only time I ever feel like I have a bad interview experience is when people just ask me about my family, that kind of annoys me. But you’re stuck in front of people and a camera and you can’t react negatively in any way so I find that to be a bit difficult. And the other thing I can think of is, I was in Spain at a Vanity Fair event and I was with my fiancé who is admittedly very gorgeous, and this journalist was interviewing me and James was standing over my left shoulder. She was like, "Who’s this?" And I said, "My fiancé," and she said, "Oh, he’s so much more beautiful than you are!" It was on live T.V. and I just laughed because I didn’t know how else to react…I will not be hitting on anyone’s date at the Met Gala, that's for sure.

Stylelist: Is there a particular star you're excited to see?

EW: No matter what event or what she's wearing I am always a huge fan of Cate Blanchett. I heard she might be there this year and if she is, I will definitely be looking closely at what she's wearing because I think she just wears the most unexpected, beautiful pieces.

Stylelist: What's your philosophy on best and worst-dressed?

EW: I think that it always depends on the person. Some people look really great in something classic and elegant, and others totally work an insane outfit. Lady Gaga comes to mind, but again, it really depends on the person, how confident they are to pull something off and not just with the Met Gala. At any event, when people wear clothes that are too tight or that they don't feel good in, that shows on them. So in general, I would tell anyone who is going to an event like this to find something you're really comfortable in and that fits, don't obsess over the size because it's about making yourself happy and try not to please others.

Stylelist: How did the conversation go between you and Anna when she asked you to host?

EW: It came via email. She just said, "We're doing this livestream broadcast and we think you'd be great for it, are you interested?" I was completely shocked but totally honored and excited so I just wrote back, "YES!!" Which is probably horrible grammar to write to the editor-in-chief of Vogue. But hey, she accepted, I accepted and it's just sort of been rolling since then.

Stylelist: Can you tell us anything about what you'll be wearing?

EW: It's going to be a complete surprise but I can tell you that it is a very vibrant color. Also, this year I got to do my fittings in the Vogue closet which was amazing. I worked with two editors there to find my outfit and they've just been super helpful and sweet and they took a lot of stress out of the picture for me. I thought about wearing a few different outfits just because I'll be on the carpet for over two hours but I thought that was a little vain or something.

Stylelist: Any red carpet hosting gigs in your future?

EW: I wouldn't say no! We'll see how I do this time and if it evolves into something more and something I'm good at, I would be open to it but for now I'm just focused on the Met and we'll take it from there.

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