TV Redheads: The 19 Most Awesome Gingers

We have "Game of Thrones" to thank for a lot of things: It's given us epic vistas, fine acting and a notable uptick in the number of dragons on our screens. Bt we must also be grateful to the HBO drama for the sheer number of redheads it's brought to our living rooms.

In Sunday's episode, the show introduced Ygritte, a wily Wildling Jon Snow met far north of the Wall. Fiesty, smart and a heck of a good runner (on icy glaciers, no less), Ygritte is a memorable addition to "Game of Thrones," not just due to her pluck and bravery, but in part due to actress Rose Leslie's delightful mane of red hair. (Some fans will recall that Leslie's hair was last seen under a maid's cap on "Downton Abbey.")

"Game of Thrones" alone has a bumper of redheads, from the freaky priestess Melisandre to the flame-haired aristocrat Sansa Stark; there's also the magenta coloring of Catelyn Stark's mane and the alluring dark red tresses of scheming noblewoman Margaery Tyrell. But "GoT" is far from the only show to show gingers a lot of love; they're all over TV these days, which is reason to celebrate.

Here are just a few of our favorite TV redheads currently gracing the small screen:

TV's Most Awesome Redheads