05/09/2012 12:14 am ET

'Best Friends Who': 6 Sayings About BFFs From The Adorable Tumblr

"We've been best friends since grade four. We do practically everything together, from sports to academics and music. We have six out of eight classes together... Even so, we hardly ever fight."

Does that sound like you and your BFF? The quote is from 17-year-old besties Alvina and Catherine from British Columbia, otherwise known as the girls behind the popular Tumblr page "Best Friends Who." They started the blog about a year ago, inspired by the "Boys Who" meme, and the page quickly became a hit among teenage Tumblr users. Although many of their posts are submissions, the girls insist that the most popular quotes relate back to their real-life friendship. Aww.

Because this story was too cute not to share, we're spotlighting it as our Teen Tumblr page of the week. Which one of the below "Best Friends Who" memes do you relate to most? Tell us your own favorite quotes about friendship in the comments or tweet your #BestFriendsWho thoughts @HuffPostTeen!

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Best Friends Who