05/08/2012 07:48 am ET

Eli Manning On SNL: How Did Giants' QB Do As Host Of Saturday Night Live? (VIDEO)

By Brad Gagnon, Awful Announcing

This past weekend, Giants quarterback Eli Manning became the 35th sports figure to host NBC's "Saturday Night Live." Here's a breakdown of Eli's first performance, along with video and sketch-by-sketch performance ratings on a scale of 1-10.

The monologue: 5/10 -- Eli really struggled out of the gate. His first two jokes -- "After two Super Bowls, this is definitely the third most exciting night of my life" and "We had a big parade downtown where we took the Lombardi Trophy into the heart of the city, and now we have no idea where it is" -- were particularly weak. He was quite awkward and spoke over applause. He did, however, loosen up a bit during a self-deprecating Q&A session with cast members posing as members of the audience. This is the toughest part of hosting the show, and the Louisiana boy did a decent job poking fun at his own lack of New York knowledge.

Eli Manning On SNL
Eli Manning On SNL

In conclusion: The overall performance was pretty much what I expected from Eli. Nothing hilarious (I laughed out loud once or twice) and no memorable lines, but not a complete disaster either. In terms of rating Eli's overall performance, it was somewhere between Matt Cassel and Matt Hasselbeck. Overall: 5.5/10