05/14/2012 11:29 pm ET

LOL So True: 15 Hilarious Animated GIFs About High School Life

If "WhatShouldWeCallMe" is the Tumblr representation of the hilarity of life as a 20-something, LOLsotrue.tumblr.com provides the animated GIF equivalent for the life of a high school student.

The Tumblr was created by an 18-year-old and his friends, who were originally creating and sharing the GIFs between them as inside jokes.

"I decided to share [a few] on my personal blog. Some of the posts got a couple of hundred notes each. I read through the comments, and noticed on several occasions people replied back with 'LOL, thats so true!'" the founder, who wishes to remain anonymous, told The Huffington Post about his inspiration for the page. After a little over a month, he now has 74,000 followers and receives around a hundred messages and submissions a week from followers.

"I really believe the appeal is universal," he said. "GIFs tell a relatable story that just isn't possible to tell with words!"

Check out the slideshow below for 15 of our favorite submissions from the site and share your own #LOLsotrue moments in the comments below or tweet @huffpostteen!

LOL So True