05/08/2012 01:12 pm ET

Pippa Middleton Moving To New York: REPORT

Forget Tinsley. Forget Olivia. There (may be) a new socialite in town: Pippa.

Pippa Middleton is considering a move to New York City, Grazia breathlessly reports this week. According to the British mag's cover story, an "exiled" Pippa is looking to get out of England for a change -- and might head to our humble island across the Atlantic.

The New York Post adds that Pippa had previously been considering Paris. But after her dramatic "gun scandal" unfolded in the city last month, Pips is feeling less than welcome in France.

Another incentive to move stateside? As you may recall, Pippa's got a book coming out this fall. Celebrate, to be published by Penguin Books for a reported £400,000, hits shelves in October. New York is no stranger to book parties -- perhaps Pips is looking to promote her new tome.

If that's the case, we totally want to be invited to any and all parties, events, gatherings, shows, what have you involving Pippa. In fact, we officially invite her to visit the HuffPost offices once she arrives.

That is, if she moves here. Nothing's confirmed yet beyond magazine speculation. Plus if, as recent photos suggest, she's reunited with British boyfriend George Percy, we doubt a major move is on the horizon. But we can hope...

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