Ryan O'Neal Recounts Children's Reactions To New 'My Life With Farrah' Book

Actor Ryan O'Neal relives his final days with Farrah Fawcett in his new book "Both of Us: My Life with Farrah" -- a book that he hopes and prays doesn't divide him from his once-estranged children.

"First of all, Redmond [Fawcett O'Neal] hasn’t read it because he can't," Ryan told me on the set of "New York Live." "He cannot deal with that yet about his mother, certainly not inside a rehab. Patrick read it and thought it was wonderful, but was a bit uncomfortable with how honest I was. Tatum read it and gave me a six-word text that said, 'Yeah it was okay, it's pretty good.' I wanted her to read it so we don't start fighting again. I said, 'We were getting along, and then you will read the book and I've lost you again.'"

Confessing that parenthood has been very hard for him, Ryan says all he wants now is to bring his children home.

"That's my goal now, to bring her home," Ryan says about his daughter. "She could live with me, she's in my house right now at the beach with the dog. She has been struggling with pain medication and just recovered in a two-month rehab ... very expensive, I paid for it. She's beautiful. She looks like she's about 18, I swear, and she's full of life and I hope that stays. I hope I can be of some service to her."

But, when asked if he would like to "fix" his relationship with each of his kids, Ryan made it clear that he didn't think their issues were his to address.

"One is 49, one is 48, one is 46 and one is 27," Ryan says. "They should be doing their own fixing at this age. I'm okay with some of them ... There's one in prison -- we don't talk too much, but the others I'm fine with."

Ryan’s new book "Both of Us: My Life With Farrah” is out now.



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