05/09/2012 02:14 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Giving Sex: Charitable Gender Differences Between Men And Women (STUDY)

In the latest round of the battle of the sexes, it appears that men have come out ahead.

Men donate to charity more frequently and give more money when they do, a recent study conducted by BiddingForGood concluded. The charitable e-commerce company surveyed 500 people nationwide and found that 52 percent of men who donate to charity do so every week or month compared with 42 percent of members of the fairer sex.

“We didn’t think we would see as wide of a spread as we did between genders,” Jon Carson, BiddingForGood’s CEO, said in a press release. “We know from our work that it’s not all about dollars but also about time spent and there are a significant number of women who volunteer on a regular basis instead of or in addition to making generous monetary contributions.”

When it came to dollars and cents, the fellas said they give more too.

Of those polled, 62 percent of men said they give more than $500 a year to charity compared with 46 percent of women.

It’s not just the amount of money and frequency of giving that divide men and women. The genders are also split on which causes to support.

The study found that women are more drawn to animal welfare causes. whereas men were more inclined to support environmental causes.