05/09/2012 03:48 pm ET

Danny Depew, Kristine Depew Tried To Hide Marijuana Grow Operation By Burning Pot In Fireplace: Police

Police say three people suspected of running a $150,000 marijuana growing operation made a big mistake when they thought burning their plants would help hide the evidence from investigators.

Instead, police officers responding to a tip arrived at 12000 block of Hensel Road near Huntley, Ill. and noticed a strong smell of marijuana smoke, which gave them probable cause to search the premises, TribLocal reports.

Once inside, police found and seized roughly 100 plants, multiple lights, and other paraphernalia, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Danny Depew, 40, and his wife Kristine, 32, were arrested and charged with unlawful manufacture of marijuana, unlawful production of marijuana plants, unlawful possession of marijuana, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia and obstruction of justice for destruction of evidence, the Daily Herald reports. Another man at the scene, Mike Mason, 39, of Streamwood, was charged with obstruction after allegedly providing an officer with inaccurate information.

Kristine Depew was also charged with resisting a peace officer for reportedly trying to block police's entrance to the house, Fox News reports.

The trio is scheduled to appear in court May 23. Bonds were set at $40,000 for Danny Depew, $30,000 for Kristine Depew and $15,000 for Mason, according to the Chicago Tribune.