05/09/2012 12:29 pm ET Updated May 09, 2012

Escape Tailor: Jeremy Sisto's Alter Ego Is A Homeless Clown (VIDEO)

Beyonce has Sasha Fierce, Garth Brooks has Chris Gaines and "Suburgatory" actor Jeremy Sisto's alter ego is Escape Tailor -- a homeless singing clown.

Sisto is releasing his debut solo album under the name Escape Tailor, and released a video for "Just Cuz" on May 7.
Dressed in a white three-piece suit, Tailor borrows his hairstyle from Albert Einstein and cakes on the white face paint.

According to Artist Direct, music has been something Sisto's always loved and performed in his own time, and the character of Escape Tailor is an alter ego that evolved after he started playing small shows in New York.

"[Escape Tailor] is someone who lives wholly in the present, unburdened of social norms and deeply tethered to his own flawed humanity" says Sisto, explaining that his alter ego is someone "that people look through, like a lot of people on the fringes of society."

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