05/09/2012 04:01 pm ET Updated May 10, 2012

WATCH: Gov. Rick Scott Helps Release Recovered Sea Turtle Off Marathon In Florida Keys

Florida Governor Rick Scott helped release a rehabbed green sea turtle named Sas Tuesday while bobbing in waters off the Florida Keys.

"He was anxious to get in the water, it was a nice feeling. You feel good about it," Scott said, a month after signing a bill that allows Floridians to artificially dye their pets. (View video of Scott releasing the turtle above.)

The governor sent Sas on his way after months of rehab at The Turtle Hospital in Marathon, where the 30-pound male was taken after being found entangled in a lobster trap and covered in tumors from fibropapilloma, a herpes-like disease.

After the cauliflower-shaped tumors were removed in surgery and veterinarians performed an endoscopy to make sure there were none internally, Sas was ready to go back into the wild.

Scott isn't the first politician to tour The Turtle Hospital, which has saved more than 1,000 turtles who have been rescued, rehabilitated, and released. In 2010, former President Jimmy Carter helped release a 102-pound endangered loggerhead named Danger. Photos:

Jimmy Carter Helps Release Sea Turtle