05/09/2012 05:50 pm ET Updated May 10, 2012

Prom Pier Collapse: Wisconsin Dock Collapses During Pre-Prom Photo Shoot

A group of high school students in Wisconsin had a memorable start to their prom night when the pier they had gathered on for their pre-prom photo shoot collapsed, sending some of them plunging into Lac La Belle, a 1,154 acre lake in Waukesha County, WISN-TV reports.

"I heard like, one crack, and then the whole thing collapsed from under us," Matt Timm told WISN-TV.

“It was akin to [watching] a car accident,” Kathy McCormack, a mother who was there photographing her daughter, told ABC News. "You heard the screams coming off the dock and it was like they were falling one after the other in slow motion into the lake.”

ABC News reports that, fortunately, none of the prom-goers suffered serious injuries.

And in the end, not all was lost. According to the above video, the parents and students were able to salvage the night with a little help from fans and blowdryers.

Click over to WISN to see interviews with some of the students, and click over to ABC for more photos of the mishap.



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