05/09/2012 08:43 am ET Updated May 09, 2012

QUIZ: How Wealthy Are You Really ?

Wealth is relative. Like the economically challenged children in the famous Toni Cade Bambara short story “The Lesson,” many people don’t even know they’re “poor” until they’re confronted with the heretofore unimagined reality of riches other people enjoy. (In Bambara’s story, an ill-advised class trip to FAO Schwarz is what makes the scales fall from the kids’ eyes.)

Of course, the comparison thing goes both ways: Your normal just might be someone else’s idea of paradise. Wealth, like beauty, is all in the eye of the beholder.

The following quiz was adapted from Huff/Post50 senior editor Laura Rowley’s illuminating book, “Money & Happiness: A Guide to Living the Good Life.” Take it. You just might find that you’re more prosperous than you think.

The instructions are simple: Just give yourself one point for each “yes” response to the following yes or no questions, then compare your total with the answer key at the end.

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How Wealthy Are You Really?