05/09/2012 12:09 pm ET Updated Jul 09, 2012

Readers' Choice: 10 More Beautiful Train Stations From Around The World

A few weeks ago we set out on a virtual adventure to find the most beautiful train stations in the world. Our imaginations were set adrift by the romance of train travel and we were left daydreaming about frolicking in exotic indoor botanical gardens, dancing with whirling dervishes, and having high tea in colonial era waiting rooms before catching the Orient Express to Constantinople. The more we learn about one of the greatest ways to travel the world, the more we can't believe that this enchanting mode of transport was predicted to be replaced by what was supposed to be a sexier, more efficient alternative: air travel. If you've flown anywhere lately you know that the airport experience today is a far cry from the much more civilized approach to globe-trotting represented by the drop dead gorgeous constructions we've rounded up here.

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