05/09/2012 05:11 pm ET

TEEN FICTION: 'The Garden'

This is a regular column featuring original poetry and fiction by and for teens, provided by Figment.com, an online community writing site for young people.

By Eva Sirois

Soft grass tickled her bare feet as she walked through the garden. Different aromas overwhelmed her senses, sweet, spicy, and sharp. The humming of insects added a gentle melody to the swishing grass and whispering trees. Flowery shrubs and leafy bushes adorned the garden, making its beauty thicker in the warm sunlight. Birdsong echoed through the trees, adding a harmony to the sonata of music.

It was peaceful here.

It was her sanctuary.

Yet, even dark thoughts can invade one's sanctuary.

Her heart heavy, Angla Lake slowly sank onto a stone bench underneath a willow tree. It's soft tendrils gently shielded Angla from the rest of the world, the wonders and horrors, hurt and betrayal.

Did she dare think of him?

Did she dare ponder upon the pain in her heart, the constant ache whenever she thought of the sight of him in another's arms?

Yet he had begged for her forgiveness, which she had gladly given then.

Angla knew that it was a foolish thing to do, but she was in love.

In love with one who betrayed her.

Angla leaned back in the bench, gathering her dress around her, and settled herself against the soft bark of the tree. She could feel its comfort and warmth radiating from it, and its encouragement.

He was the only one that truly made her feel needed. Wanted.


She was not ugly.

But yet she was not shiningly beautiful either.

Angla was a dreamer. She was always dreaming of true love, of fairytales coming true, and coming to her.

When Angla met him, she knew immediately that he was the One.

Perhaps she had been wrong?

No, Angla thought. It's true love. True love can conquer anything.

If it's true love, the traitorous part of her mind whispered, then why did he betray you? Your trust and love? All for a few moments satisfaction.

He came back for me. He apologized. His love for me has been unswayed, Angla argued back.

The practical voice in her mind remained silent.

It was in the past, anyway. That was not her problem now. She could trust him. She felt that he could. He had messed up, yes, but he had admitted it! And he wanted another chance! Of course she would readily give it to him!

Her poor, sweet, darling love.

Who wanted to become more than that.

She leaned back, pondering. Angla knew that all of these thoughts were a shield for what she had been desperately trying to forget. To cover up. Her mind unbiddengly flashed to an image of the day before.

"He's fooling you, Angla. I saw him with Lucy last night."

Coldness swept through her body. Her heart pounded loud in her ears. Angla managed to croak out, "No! I don't believe you!"

The sad look in her friend's eyes was like a bucket of ice cold water dumped over her head.

Angla was not being lied to by her friend.

Tears erupted down her cheeks, falling in droplets onto the cold stone bench underneath her. Angla had only been fooling herself. He was not faithful, and he never would be.

Pure strength flowed into her, and Angla knew in that moment what she must do.

Footsteps sounded on the grass in front of her, and she looked up to see him. The one that she needed to talk to.

Hope and love shone in his flawless, beautiful face. Angla felt her heart melt at the sight, but she made her resolve steel again.

"Have you come to your decision? Will you marry me?"

Angla stood up and faced him, a calm, serene look on her face. The whispering trees and carressing wind behind her gave her the strength to do this. Just one word. Just one tiny word, and she was free.