05/09/2012 07:28 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Vladimir Putin Plays In Hockey Exhibition: Russian President Nets Decisive Shootout Goal (VIDEO)

The "Sport of Kings" may be horse racing but presidents and prime ministers seem to have the option to choose whatever game best fits them -- and their constituencies.

Russian president Vladimir Putin seems to be choosing hockey.

President Obama is known for his passion for hoops. In March, he took British PM David Cameron to the "First Four" at the start of the 2012 NCAA Tournament. Obama told reporters that Cameron was going to teach him about cricket. In Russia, Putin has recently been gravitating toward hockey, according to the The Telegraph.

Shortly after being sworn in for his third term as president, the Russian politician participated in an exhibition hockey match in Moscow. According to The Guardian, Putin played for a team sporting Amateur Hockey League jerseys that defeated a side composed of Russian hockey legends.

Putin notched one goal and an assist during regulation play, per RIA Novosti, as well as scoring another goal during a shootout after the teams remained tied after three periods.

WATCH: Putin's shootout goal.

In 2008, Obama played a pick-up basketball with members of the UNC basketball team while he was campaigning for the presidency. The Tar Heels did not seem to take it particularly easy on him, leaving him to note to reporters that "these guys are a lot better than I am."

Based on the efforts of the goalkeeper, it seems that Putin might have been receiving treatment just a bit more deferential during this match than Obama got during that pick-up game. To paraphrase Mel Brooks, it's good to be the president.

Some, including Deadspin, suspect that this exhibition tilt may not have been totally on the level, but at least it wasn't quite as fixed as the track meet depicted in the upcoming comedy "The Dictator."