05/10/2012 04:03 am ET Updated May 10, 2012

'American Idol': Ryan Seacrest Fakes Everyone With Non-Proposal To Julianne Hough (VIDEO)

It would make sense for Ryan Seacrest to propose on live television, and that's just what fans thought was happening on "American Idol" (Wed., 8 p.m. ET on Fox) when Julianne Hough was on to promote her new film "Rock of Ages."

After showing a clip of the contestants watching a sneak preview of the film with director Adam Shankman, Seacrest joined both Shankman and Hough in the audience. After talking with Shankman briefly, he told Hough that he had something he'd been meaning to ask her, and then reached inside his jacket pocket.

But it wasn't a ring that he pulled out. It was a folded up envelope. "Will you give this note I wrote to Tom Cruise?” he asked Hough. “Such a big fan; I loved him in ‘Cocktail.'" Cruise is one of Hough's co-stars in "Rock of Ages."

It was a brilliant fake-out, with the audience fooled, and even Hough shocked for a moment. But now that he's almost proposed on live television, how will he top that for the real deal, should they reach that point? Maybe at midnight during his New Year's show.

"American Idol" continues toward crowning a winner, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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