05/10/2012 04:57 pm ET

Blake Griffin Booed By Grizzlies Fans After Knee Injury In Game 5 (VIDEO)

Is this a case of the Clipper who flopped foul? Or are fans of the Memphis Grizzlies just this cold?

Flopping has been a frustrating trend in recent years and it has put a spotlight on several players, notably Clippers All-Star Blake Griffin. The 2011 Slam Dunk contest champion has been accused (along with his teammates) of flopping plenty of times this year and in Los Angeles' first-round series against Memphis. When Griffin went down with an apparent knee injury in Memphis' Game 5 win, Grizzlies fans may have been doubting whether he was hurt or not.

Near the end of the third quarter, Griffin drove to the rim past Memphis’ Marc Gasol, drawing contact and a foul call. After landing awkwardly, Griffin clutched his left knee. Grizzlies’ fans, perhaps still sour from Griffin’s flopping in Game 4, displayed their disapproval in a barrage of boos as he delicately walked off the court after being looked over by trainers.

"I think it's very classless of these people booing a man as he walks off, not knowing if he's hurt or okay," TNT analyst and former NBA player Chris Webber said as Griffin walked back to the bench accompanied by his teammates. "That should change to cheers very soon or that's a very classless act by these fans who have more class than that."

While there has been a lot of talk lately regarding the flagrant flopping in this year’s playoffs, especially when it comes to the Clippers, there have also been several notable injuries to key star players. After watching the devastating knee injuries to Derrick Rose and Baron Davis earlier in the postseason, perhaps Bulls and Knicks fans, respectively, would have been a bit more worried in such a situation. But.. probably not.