05/10/2012 08:06 am ET

Father Of Bradley Coker, Plane Crash Victim, Says "New Zealand Is Unsafe" (VIDEO)

The father of a young skydiver killed in a 2010 plane crash in a scenic area of New Zealand took to the airwaves yesterday, claiming that the island nation is unsafe thanks to its Civil Aviation Authority.

"I want to say to anyone thinking of going to New Zealand on an adrenaline trip, think twice," Chris Coker, who is using YouTube to campaign for an overhaul in safety standards, told BBC hosts.

Bradley Coker was 24 when the plane carrying him and eight others crashed into the Fox Glacier. According to a report released prior to his father's appearance on a morning show, his death was caused by engineering failures and mistakes made by New Zealand's CAA.

Coker was quick to point out that though the countries of New Zealand and England are quite similar, they have very different laws. Under New Zealand law, he claimed, "there is this inability to sue for negligence or wrongful death."

Coker said the responses to his concerns from New Zealand's government have been less than inspiring.

"I've got a basic feeling that so far we're banging our heads on the wall, that the Government really aren't listening, they're just making a political response," Mr Coker says.