05/10/2012 11:37 am ET

John Edwards Reportedly Brought To Tears By Former Spokesperson Jennifer Palmieri's Testimony

Emotional testimony provided in the John Edwards trial on Wednesday appeared to strike a chord with the former senator and two-time presidential candidate.

The New York Post reports that Edwards was brought to tears as his former campaign spokeswoman Jennifer Palmieri discussed the late Elizabeth Edwards and the final moments of her life.

The AP reports:

Palmieri broke down as she described how her friend wasn't able to speak in her final days, but had earlier told her about one of her greatest fears.

"She was concerned that when she died, there would not be a man who loved her there," Palmieri said.

The statement caused Edwards, who had showed no reaction for much of his former spokeswoman's testimony, to drop his head and put a hand to his face.

Asked by one of Edwards' lawyers if the husband was also at Elizabeth's bedside in her final hours, Palmieri dabbed away tears with a tissue.

"John was there," she replied.

The New York Times reports that Palmieri was by Elizabeth Edwards' side at the end of her life in 2010 and that Edwards appeared to be shaken as he listened to what his former spokeswoman had to say.

Prosecutors were expected to conclude making their case on Thursday.

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