05/12/2012 09:04 am ET

London Tsai's 5-Foot Aluminum Breast Sculpture Meant To Host Nursing Moms

There’s plenty of big breasts in Miami, but only one is 5 feet tall.

Artist London Tsai will reveal a large aluminum breast sculpturein South Beach Saturday just in time for Mother’s Day at ArtCenter/South Florida, and the artist is inviting all breastfeeding moms to head over to feed their children.

“The idea for the breast came to me after the birth of my second child," Tsai said in a statement. "It just feels right that it be unveiled for the first time in a more intimate context among mothers, babies, and midwives. The breast is something everyone can connect to: aside from its being a source of life nourishment, there is its undeniable aesthetic beauty and huge symbolic meaning-- the breast is fundamental.”

It can also be controversial, as we all learned from Time magazine this week. But the 5-foot structure, made of aluminum, is in keeping with Tsai’s family’s involvement in a community that practices alternative health as well as breastfeeding.

"Besides convenience and the incredible nutritional components of a mother's milk, nursing is helpful in reducing postpartum depression symptoms, postpartum weight loss, and, perhaps most importantly, is wonderful for bonding," wife Michelle Moyer Tsai told Miami New Times.

Tsai will be joined by fellow artist Judith Berk King for the double exhibition Quantum Shift, in which the two will be showcasing sculpture at ArtCenter/South Florida. The opening on May 12 at 7 p.m. is free and open to the public.

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