05/10/2012 04:19 pm ET

Melbourne's Art Series Hotel Group To Give Away Original Art With 'Which Warhol is Warhol's?'

Last night Andy Warhol's "Double Elvis" sold for $37 million at auction. For those of you disappointed that you couldn't get your hands on it, one Aussie hotel is giving away a Warhol for free... And yes, there's a catch.

The Art Series Hotel group, located in Melbourne, is challenging guests to try to identify an original Warhol from a lineup. Those who can identify the real deal from the nine forged replicas, or decipher 'Which Warhol is Warhol's?' get the chance to win it. One forgery, made by the "master forger" Tony Tetro, will be revealed as fake each week.

The piece in question is worth $20,000, but the task won't be easy. Warhols are notoriously hard to authenticate, even the Andy Warhol Foundation shut down their authentification board after a succession of costly legal disputes. Even after his death Warhol's interest in the relationship between copy and original lives on through his works. Art Series Hotel Group CEO channeled this sentiment in the challenge itself, asking "how can you pick a fake from a real, what value do we actually place on art?''

What else would you expect from the hotel who last challenged guests to steal a Banksy?

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