05/10/2012 08:03 am ET Updated May 10, 2012

Underage Mexican Children Film Sexually Explicit Video At School

A scandal broke out in a school in Mexico after a mother exposed a video where her underaged son is seen participating in sexual acts with two other boys. The video is shot in a classroom in a school in the southern Mexican state of Campeche.

The video shows three boys having sex, one boy filming and a fifth one watching, according to the Mexican Spanish-language newspaper Milenio. The kids implicated are all 12 years-old and in the sixth grade.

The video is graphic showing one of the boys performing oral sex to one of his classmates and having anal sex with a third one. The video is over a minute long.

State Education Department spokesman confirmed the existence of the video.

"It is real, the case is real, the video exists," said Omar Kantun State Education Department spokesman according to the Associated Press. "The Education Department is very concerned."

Kantun said the boys are currently receiving psychological counseling.

According to Milenio the mother of one of the boys discovered the video in her son's cellphone and she filed a complaint for investigation in the Office of The Attorney General, hoping to find out who participated and who -- if anyone -- gave orders to the minors to have sex on camera.

The video was recorded last April 26th at the "Mateo Reyes" school in the city of Calkini which is in a relatively conservative and heavily Indian area.

Sergio Rosado Rodríguez, secretary of the attorney general of Campeche, Renato Sales Heredia, said the case was filed with the agency specialized in justice for minors. The investigation of the case began on May 4th.

The incident is not specific to Mexico. Similar cases have been reported in the U.S. this year.

Earlier in 2012, news broke of similar case where two students had engaged in sexual relations in a classroom while the teacher was present in a school in Indianapolis according to WTHR, an Indianapolis News Station. Although the occurrence was kept secret for months, Warren Township Associate Superintendent Jeff Swensson confirmed the case to be true.

In early February, two dozen 5th graders at Washington Elementary School in New Ulm, Minnesota were caught playing a game called "rape tag," where children "tagged" each other by grabbing other students' private parts. The "game" was discovered by a mother on her child's facebook page.


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