05/10/2012 04:57 pm ET Updated May 14, 2012

Michelle Obama & Jill Biden Color Coordinate At The White House (PHOTOS)

Michelle Obama and Jill Biden (FLOTUS and SLOTUS, for those of us who favor abbreevs) have distinct style sensibilities. Jill favors solid colors and preppy staples (button-downs, skirtsuits, shift dresses). Michelle, on the other hand, adores bright prints, statement accessories abd those arm-baring sheathes.

But sometimes color inspiration hits both women at once, resulting in some excellent outfit coordination. We saw this better than ever today, where Jill and Michelle welcomed military children, mothers and grandmothers to the White House for a Mother's Day and Military Spouses Appreciation Day Tea (an annual tradition).

The mood was light as the kids decorated cookies, planted potted flowers and did some "tea sachet-making" (was Martha Stewart there?). Clearly in the spring spirit, both SLOTUS and FLOTUS wore yellow, each in their own ways: Jill wore a simple cardigan over a shift dress, while Michelle bared her arms in a Rachel Roy cowl-neck dress with a contrasting textured gold skirt.

To our delight, the outfit coordination continued later in the day with (drum roll please...) colored skinnies! Mrs. Obama wore a very "FLOTUS" outfit of indigo skinny capris with contrasting patterns on top (girl loves her mixed prints) while Jill did her solid-color thing in sky blue pants and preppy white sweater. So trendy, these two!

We love Michelle and Jill for sticking with what they love and owning their styles. We also love when colors match -- it makes for pretty pictures. Check out SLOTUS and FLOTUS' history of outfit coordination!

Michelle Obama & Jill Biden's Color Coordination