05/10/2012 01:30 pm ET

Sofia Vergara Receives Special Mother's Day Gift From Her Son, Manolo (VIDEO)

Sofia Vergara is receiving a special Mother's Day gift from her son Manolo. In the latest episode of their online video program, “Mi Vida Con Toty”, Manolo features never-before-seen footage of their life together.

In the video he includes captions, thanking Sofia for “teaching me how to dance salsa y merengue”, “for financing my strange shows”, “for including me in your birthdays”, “for the Christmas gifts”, “for celebrating life and family” and “for loving me more than anyone else.”

And while Manolo claims that Sofia is a protective Latina mom, who calls his name every time she has a chance (that would explain the “Jayyy!” in every episode of Modern Family), we can’t help but think that life with Sofia Vergara as your mom actually looks like a lot of fun.

­­¡Feliz Día De Las Madres!

Sofia Vergara Over The Years:

Sofia Vergara Over The Years