05/10/2012 04:33 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Wolfenstein 3D Hits The Web For Its 20th Birthday

Wolfenstein 3D is back -- but this time, it's on the web.

First made available to PCs by id Software way back in 1992, Wolfenstein 3D is widely regarded as the game that defined the first-person shooter genre, which many now enjoy through popular games like Halo and Call of Duty.

To celebrate Wolfenstein 3D's 20th birthday, video game publisher Bethesda Softworks, whose parent company ZeniMax Media bought id Software back in 2009, released a browser-based version of the game on May 9. A tweet by id Software shared the good news, announcing,

This means you can enjoy playing BJ Blazkowicz as he escapes from Nazis during World War II from the comfort of your favorite web browser -- for free.


wolfenstein 3d birthday

In addition, as VentureBeat points out, Wolfenstein 3D Classic Platinum is available for free for your iPhone or iPad on iTunes, but only for a limited time.

Relive playing Wolfenstein 3D in all its pixelated glory here. And, if you're really a big Wolfenstein 3D fan, you can watch id Software co-founder and Wolfenstein 3D programmer John Carmack's commentary for the game.

Will you be playing the new versions of Wolfenstein 3D?