05/11/2012 04:01 pm ET

'BKNY x T-World' Celebrates The T-Shirt Life (PHOTOS)

From world famous street artists to local fashion designers, many young creatives have taken to the T-shirt as their canvas of choice. Pioneering the movement is "T-world," the only global T-shirt journal (so far), which has become a bible of sorts for T-shirt disciples.

Now that we think about it, tees make the wearer's body a canvas by merging the experimentalism of art and the energy of urban life. (And they are comfortable too!) We like how Staple Design founder Jeff Ng put it: "The t-shirt is my magic carpet around the world."

"T-world" is releasing its New York edition, a 196-page hard cover filled with images from T-shirt collaborators, designers and obsessors alike. Featured artists include hip-hop culture creators Rocksmith, iconic street artist Kid Zoom and T-shirt pioneers BKNY Printing, who is collaborating with "T-world" for the launch this weekend in Brooklyn. In case you were wondering, the man behind the magazine is T-shirt connoisseur Eddie Zammit, who owns a whopping 3,500 plus tees.

Check out some of the leaders of the T-shirt movement and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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