05/11/2012 10:51 am ET

Bristol Palin Praises Hillary Clinton

Bristol Palin has some kind words for a Democrat. In a new blog post, she comes to the defense of Hillary Clinton, who was recently scrutinized for wearing glasses with little makeup in in Bangladesh. Bristol writes:

Recently, the Drudge Report put a photo of Hillary Clinton’s face at the top over the headline: “Au Naturel.” The photos were snapped in Bangladesh and India over the weekend, and people began chattering about how she didn’t look as polished as normal. Though she was wearing red lipstick – and cool glasses! — she didn’t wear foundation. After the Drudge link appeared, the Washington Post said she looked like a schoolgirl, the Atlantic approved of her appearance, and Fox News said she looked “tired and withdrawn.”

Bristol goes on to compare the discussion of Hillary's appearance to criticism she endured about her weight while on 'Dancing with the Stars.' Unlike other contestants, she did not lose weight while on the show, but she said that while she will never be a size zero, "I'm comfortable in my own skin." Still, the fat comments were not fun:

I was active and fit, but I did gain five to ten pounds over the course of the show. At my heaviest, I was still thinner than a lot of girls my age, but heavier than I am now. I’m not saying this because I’m somehow proud of how I looked on that show. Rather, I’m saying that I’ve been the brunt of jokes, speculation, and criticism about my appearance, and it’s not fun.

She goes on to praise Hillary "for not having a make up artist following her around and being comfortable in her own skin" then turns the discussion to her mom.

"And speaking of no makeup, this is what my mom looks like 90% of the time!" she concluded with a photo of a fresh-faced Sarah Palin in running shorts.