05/11/2012 03:29 pm ET Updated May 13, 2012

Carlos Eugene Cain, Jr. And Devon Ewing, Doss High School Students, Arrested For Filming Up Teacher's Skirt, Posting Online (VIDEO)

Carlos Eugene Cain, Jr. and Devon Ewing, both 18, face class D felony charges of video voyeurism after they used a cellphone to film up a Doss High School teacher's skirt and posted the video on YouTube, WAVE 3 reports.

Warrants obtained by the station state that Ewing distracted the teacher while Cain placed a cellphone under her skirt. They then uploaded the video to YouTube and told people where to find it.

The two Kentucky men were arrested after Cain turned himself in to the school principal and resource officer, the Courier-Journal reports.

"They certainly violated this teacher, taking that cellphone video and posting it. It's very embarrassing for her," Jefferson County Public Schools spokeswoman Lauren Roberts told WLKY. "We are sorry it happened. But, the students have to serve the consequences for that and learn a lesson."

Not everyone shares Roberts' opinion, however. Sherry Powell, a parent of two children at the high school, told WAVE 3 she wishes the students hadn't been arrested.

"As a parent, I have mixed emotions on it," Powell told the station. "Only in that the students were absolutely wrong. This is a very serious nature. It was very hurtful. The flip side to that is, I wish they could've taken care of it between the principal, the student, the teacher, the parents and got some type of very harsh accountability for such a serious thing."

Despite Cain's testimony, Ewing took to his Facebook profile to maintain his innocence.

"I swear to god," he wrote. "If anybody believes that f--king news yall (sic) REALLY must not know me and thats (sic) 100."